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Greetings! I am Deby Beaty, LMT & Certified Accunect Practitioner and I'm delighted you are here!


Allow me to partner with you and boost your natural healing ability by releasing internal stress and overwhelm. Allow me to be a present observer of miracles and hold space for your transformation (mind, body and spirit) with love and joy. Together, we can optimize your vibrancy and sense of calm and well-being.

I have been developing my intuition during more than 20 years as a licensed massage therapist. I am super excited to be working more on the energetic and spiritual side of healing primarily using Accunect. I studied Psychology in college and as a hobby my entire adult life. I absolutely love how I can now apply all I’ve learned and connect with people on the deepest of levels to support healing of mind, body and spirit. The best part is you – the client- don’t have to do anything! In a safe, warm, comfortable & relaxing environment, you sit or lie down, and I connect with your energy field and intuitively create your own personal health map.  I am not “fixing’ or “diagnosing” what is “wrong” but rather focusing on your own body’s potential for miraculous healing & effortless transformation. I truly believe this is the absolute best way I can support people on their healing journey.

I have a B.S. in Computer Science with minors in Psychology & Business.  I worked in the industry for ten years and eventually became a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I developed a very intuitive and effective approach to massage therapy. While I loved working with my clients, I noticed that while I was usually able to provide relief, they often returned with the same or similar issues.  I had similar experience on my own personal healing journey.  This shifted rapidly when I began receiving Accunect sessions.  I am so excited to bring rapid, deep, efficient and lasting healing to my clients and it is the easiest work I have EVER done!

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