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What is Accunect?

Accunect is a holistic, state of the Art healing system that is rooted in the belief that mind, body, spirit are all connected and that has rapid, profound & long lasting effects. Using the latest knowledge and technology from Acupuncture Theory, Cognitive Psychology Theory, Osteopathic Theory, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, Tapping Techniques and more, Accunect works powerfully to facilitate healing on all levels. 


Stress that has collected in your body's memory from emotions, limiting beliefs, trauma as well as physical stress from toxins and illness reduce your body's ability to function at optimal levels. Accunect will address natural health, balance, super efficient function, vibrancy and a sense of calm and well-being. The body's resources and regeneration of cells are plentiful and Accunect will restore balance and boost your body's healing ability. Your own body will create lasting health and healing so you can  live the highest and truest expression of yourself!

During an Accunect balancing session the practitioner uses biofeedback techniques to find areas of imbalance that are ready to shift with joy. These areas are unique to you and may be causing pain, disease, emotional distress and spiritual disconnection. Tapping is used to activate the body's internal awareness and redirect focus to those areas. The natural healing response, balance and correct functioning are re-established.

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